Two Bit Fool

15+ years Designing and Building Software


Invoicing for any mobile device. Looks like a native app. Even works offline!

Visit tracking & scheduling system with automatic phone & email reminders.

Other Projects:

  • APIs and MVP apps for Startups
  • Mobile Apps for Service Workers
  • Distributed ERP Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Greeen Energy Reporting
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Salesforce Customizations
  • e-Learning Engines

Skills & Services

Technical Vision, Strategic Direction, Industry Trends, Risk Management, Disaster Recovery
Recruitment, Management, Coaching, Best Practices, Development Processes
System Design, Product Design, Data Analytics, Software as a Service (SaaS)
UX Design
Needs Analysis, Wire-Framing, UI Prototyping, Interaction Design, Usability Testing
System Architecture, Agile Software Development, Sysops, Infrastructure & Support
Full Stack
Apps & APIs (front-end & back-end), Database Design, Deployment, Prototype to Production
Node.js, Ruby on Rails, React.js, SQL & NOSQL, Isomorphic Javascript Apps (and much more)
Heroku, Google Cloud, Rackspace, Salesforce, Github, iOS/Android, Win/Mac/Linux


"He has a high business acumen and applies a solid work ethic and great thought to any project. In my experience Matt always delivers beyond expectation with the final results always being elegant and useful."

Jeff Felice
COO at Logical Operations

"In my career I have met few people who can match Matt's talent, skills, attitude, productivity, and quality of work. I was privileged to work with Matt and highly recommend him to any organization."

Paul Baccaro
VP, Operations & Product Development at Profit Strategies, Inc.

"Matt has the often sought after ability to blend a keen technical acumen with business skills, which allows him to bridge an often challenging gap."

Steve Wehner
Seasoned Digital Media Professional

Why SaaS? Why Web Apps?

  • Instant global reach, no barrier to entry, nothing to install
  • One app that works on any computer and any mobile device
  • Low monthly cost to customer, recurring revenue for the business
  • Cloud hosted apps reduce IT costs (less infrastructure and automated backup/recovery)
  • Instant distribution and updates -- avoids App Store (where Apple takes 30% of revenue)
  • Steve Jobs loved web apps so much, nothing else was allowed on the 1st iPhone

Contact Info

Twitter or good ol' fashion email ;)